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Fan-Air Model F80210 Air Extractor & Basement Dehumidifier System Too much humidity in your basement? The Fan-Air System is the solution for excess humidity. High moisture levels will create mold and mildew that can be harmful to your family's health and the value of your home. Are you plagued with these problems? * Dampness and moisture on walls * Basement odors * A cold and damp basement * Visible mold and mildew * Peeling paint and deteriorating windowsills * Window condensation and ice in winter The Fan-Air System is an ideal products to remove that excess moisture from our home's lower levels by expelling the damp air and drawing the drier, healthier air down from the upper levels into the lower levels. By doing so, it will create a comfortable, healthier, pre-set level of humidity in the basement and lower floors. Features and Benefits: Reduces mold, mildew and unpleasant odors Reduces structural damage and window condensation No water to empty and no drain hose required Consumer-friendly step by step installation instructions State-of-the-art electrical control Energy efficient - consumes less electricity than a 60 wattt light bulb Environmentally friendly Maintenance free Fan control is completely automatic - the state-of-the-art circuit board can detect amount of humidity within + / - 1% 2 pre-set seasonal settings for Summer and Winter In a 2,400 sq. ft. home, one unit will remove moist air and replentish it with fresh, dry air by exchanging the air approximately 10 times daily 2-Year Factory Warranty Specifications: Voltage - 115 VEnergy Consumption - 47 WattsFrequency - 60HzNoise Level - 53.50 dBOverall Height - 57" (1.44 m)Width - 10" (25 cm)Depth - 10" (25 cm)Weight - approx. 27 lbsAirflow - 208 CFM on High Speed / 60 CFM on Low SpeedServiceable Area Capacity - 2,400 sq. ft. per unit Installation Notes:The unit should be installed on the inside of an outside wall to allow an outside exit for the exterior vent hole. The distance between the unit and the exterior vent hole should be no more than 24". Install in crawlspaces so that ther is a minimum of 24" from the bottom of the unit to the floor of the crawlspace to prevent dirt or debris from entering the fan. In basement installations - do not install where fan is less than 39" from the floor of the room. The Fan-Air System should be installed between the 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 floor joists of the basement ceiling. The evacuation pipe leaves the home and vents outdoors through a 6-1/4" diameter hole. An exterior, 6" louvered vent is included.

The mild spring conditions GTA residents have recently experienced is a welcome retreat from the harsh bitter winter we’ve just endured. The spring thaw has eradicated most if not all of those unsightly snow banks, which gives Torontonians a clear indication that spring has finally arrived. There are likely numerous spring maintenance items on your checklist but keeping your basement dry is a critical component of home maintenance to fight against basement leaks, mould and overall property damage. With the weather warming up outside your home, internal temperatures will need to be adjusted, and so will humidity levels. Warmer climate holds more moisture in the air and this affect can be felt inside the home, especially in the basement where humidity levels are highest. If you’ve noticed changes in your home’s air quality, it might be time for a dehumidifier which is one of the simplest yet most commonly overlooked basement waterproofing devices which can help ensure a dry basement throughout spring, summer, and year round. A dehumidifier decreases the humidity levels by drying the air. Having a dehumidification system is not only an asset for your basement, but for your entire home’s air quality. Even if you perceive your basement to be completely dry, a dehumidifier is capable of drying out moisture which is deeply imbedded within the small cracks of your basement and foundation. Left untreated, even small amounts of moisture can erode cracks and result in mould and mildew build-up beneath your crawl space and within your basement foundation. Dehumidifiers are an essential component of basement waterproofing. Once it’s been established that you need a dehumidifier for your basement, either due to obvious signs of moisture like when you smell mustiness, or not so obvious indicators like a humidity metre, there are really 2 types of dehumidification systems you can choose from; a condenser dehumidification system or a venting dehumidification system. Condenser systems dry your basement by pulling the moist air and converting it to water. This collected water is considered a rather clean kind of greywater; not suitable for drinking, but acceptable for watering plants, though not garden vegetables. Some designs such as the ionic membrane dehumidifier disposes of the excess water in a vapour rather than liquid form. Most models require manual emptying of the drip output, and are equipped with sensors to detect overflow. Other models can be adapted to connect drip output directly to a drain via an ordinary garden hose. Some can even tie into plumbing drains or use a built-in water pump to empty themselves as they collect moisture. Venting dehumidifiers skip the process of condensing the moisture into water; making them more energy efficient. They decrease humidity by venting the moist air back outside before it rises to the other levels of your house. Venting systems also have the advantage of dehumidifying and filtering your air at the same time, eliminating odour problems in your basement. Venting dehumidifiers have a powerful blowing motor that is strong enough to duct air into a finished basement space, while the unit itself can be tucked away in an unfinished part of your basement. Be sure to consult with basement waterproofing professionals for help in deciding which dehumidifier is right for your basements needs.

Bur-Cam Fan-Air System Air Extractor & Dehumidifier System
A simple whole house solution for excess humidity

Provides Improved Air Quality
Reduces mold, mildew & unpleasant odors
Reduces structural damage & window condensation

Large Capacity Fan System (208 CFM)
Does the work of seven standard dehumidifiers

Simple Installation (In Both Basement & Crawl Spaces)
Requires only minor installation modifications to your home
Modular design, easily assembles and plugs into standard outlet

Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly
Consumes less power than a 60-watt light bulb

Completely Automatic
Electronic circuit board controls humidity within + or - 1%
Simple controls with summer and winter settings

Maintenance Free Design
No drain hoses required or water to empty

2-Year Warranty