Wet Basement Waterproofing Mississauga.

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Basement underpinning waterproofing services Mississauga is celebrating 25 years. We do exterior waterproofing foundation crack repair and residential wet basement service. If you need a free estimate on underpinning or a free quote on basement lowering give us a try. We also install sump pumps and back flow valves in the GTA. (647) 800-1239 .

Mississauga Basements are making a comeback: as building plots are getting smaller and more expensive, builders and homeowners are seeing the sense of creating more space from the same footprint. The key to a successful outcome is basement waterproofing, which will protect against water entering the structure and allow you to create additional living space, leisure facilities or car parking. Without waterproofing your basement, you risk water getting in and causing damp-related and structural issues.