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Basements are one of the most important parts of a home and yet it is often the most neglected. This can be due to the problems attached with having a basement especially because it is susceptible to water leaks and build up of moisture. Due to this fact, a wet or damp basement can easily become flooded. In addition to this, it can lead to other more complicated problems such as unstable foundations. To prevent these from happening, it is important that waterproofing be done. Homepros basement waterproofing in Woodbridge and Vaughan On., can address the water leaks and waterproof the basement so as to ensure it stays dry at all times. Basement waterproofing involves the techniques and materials being used to prevent water from penetrating the basement of a house or a building. It requires more than simply patching up troubled spots found in a building. Our other common basement waterproofing methods include: Exterior Basement Waterproofing This method is usually applied by basement waterproofing contractors during the construction of the building. This method is designed to stop water from causing any form of damage to the building. Exterior basement waterproofing uses polymers and membranes to coat the exterior of the basement walls. Although this method is superb for homes under construction, it is not recommended for already existing homes. Interior Water Drainage This is one of the most effective waterproofing solutions. The installation of water drainage system will help prevent the buildup of water. This drainage system moves the water away from the footers of the foundation and out below the floor of the basement. 

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