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Foundation Facts  

Most homeowners can attest that basement cracks are a fact of life in Oakville areas. 

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"Basement waterproofing Oakville Homepros , has been doing foundation crack repair for 34 years. We do basement underpinning basement lowering and walkouts. If your homes foundation has a crack, or you have a leaky basement with water in it we can help. Call Homepros professional leak repair services and we can stop the infiltration of water. From Lakeshore to Baseline Rd. and Winston Churchhill Bvld to Walkers line we can help. burger1000 repairs to your leaking basement today. We can get the proper Oakville permits from city hall to assure that we are doing the the work according to city bylaws. Call today in the Oakville areas. Sump pumps, back flow prevention.

In fact, approximately 75 percent of all concrete foundations will crack within the first year of being poured. These cracks are difficult to see, but will worsen over time. Cracks in the foundation occur due to drying, shrinkage, thermal shifts and other causes. Initially, they are usually minor, and present few problems. But over time, minor cracks can grow larger and cause major damage - potentially leading to loss of structural integrity and water intrusion (Basemet waterproofing needed). Foundation leakage is one of the most common problems for home and business owners. Water invasion can damage the structural integrity of walls, raise basement humidity, and cause mold and mildew - all of which can prevent you from making the most of your basement. Concrete is porous and has air pockets that can soak up moisture like a sponge.